Archived Files Volume no.3

John's story (BRIEF)
Written by John 

I started working in this industry as of 2018 the latest. I was in my freshman year of college and my roommate, good friend, resold shoes and clothes to make cash. We drove around to sneaker releases, and I bought on my own to resell. I switched majors and began to expand on my entrepreneurial instincts. After my sophomore year, I begun my tenure with a company in Boston, met great people helping them expand from 1 location to at one point having 13 locations. Selling shoes and clothes, who would have thought. 

That company moved me to Florida after I had graduated (August 2021). This is where I opened several locations from West Palm Beach to Miami. I left that company back in March 2023 and soon after opened The Archive. Alongside with me, I brought along Jesse Callahan and Jesse Garcia who both worked for me in Florida. Thanks to them, they have given me the opportunity to bring the great store that The Archive is, to the SWFL community.

This was never in the sights. I never wanted to own my own shoe store, in the other hand, I had all of the experience, knowledge, and resources to get it done. I hope you all enjoy the product.
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